The Life List Club

You might ask, "What's a Life List? Well, I'll tell you. Your life list is a compilation of goals you wish to accomplish over the coming 12 months. You track your progress and update your fellow listers, to keep you on track. All you need to do is subscribe to the blogs of your choice to be a member of the Club.

This page holds my life list. I'm sharing it with you to keep me honest and to inspire you to create yours.

Your list does not have to be full of monumental changes for your life. It can be something an innocuous as: cleaning out the basement (finally), sending a thank you note that was forgotten, or getting up earlier in the morning. It can be the big things, too, like: finishing your education, losing those 12 lbs that make you feel so crummy, or changing jobs. And it can be anything in between.

The Club is comprised of bloggers. We writers are starting you off by sharing our lists. We encourage you to create your own and you're welcome to share it with us, though that isn't mandatory.

We can all discuss the ups and downs of life that help us to make our goals or get in the way of them in the comments section.

At our Life List Club blog, you will find all the LLC author blog posts in one convenient location. Authors will take turns publishing posts every Wednesday and Friday.

You’ll find links to all the author’s individual blogs in the sidebar of the LLC blog site.

We'll laugh and cry and cheer for each other. On the last Friday of every 3rd month (the first one will be the last Friday of September), we'll host a Milestone Party with music, pictures and prizes.

We'll have polls where you can vote for your favorite goal on each writer's list. On Milestone Fridays, you can vote for the writer who has accomplished the most, in your opinion.

This is your Club, so if you have ideas to improve on it or make it more fun or inspiring, please contact one of the writers! We're looking forward to meeting lots of new people and doing something great for ourselves at the same time!

Read our invitation and about the real benefits of belonging to a small network of writers.

Attention: Writers! A writer who would like to become a contributor at The Life List Club, guest posting with us, please contact Marcia Richards: marcia.a.richards AT or Jess Witkins: jessi.witkins At At this time, we are able to accept one new writer per month.

My Life List
  1. Win NaNoWrimo this year
  2. Win the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament
  3. Stay engaged with my social media followers
  4. Submit my novel to the editors by February 1, 2013
  5. Get LandMark Publications to publish 250 ebooks by December 31 (We are at 122)
Here are our members so far: