07 January 2012

What Makes London so Magical

It's very hard to explain what you miss about London, until you're in this particular position, like I am, counting down the hours to return. When I'm there, sometimes I wonder why I'm bothering; I obviously can't afford to keep up with London, I mean next to nothing in the eyes of the big city, and, as a lot of my friends have found out, even if I did work full time I would still not really have enough money to enjoy life here. I've been thinking for a long time about the practical choices, and am facing them now, and am filled with heartache at the idea of quitting the city.

What makes London so magical is, in a way, it's overwhelming humanity despite the harshness. The fact that some of the greatest minds in the world flock to it. The fact that you can pay a fiver to go upstairs in a pub and witness some of the finest storytelling of your life. The ability to go see some of the most important artifcacts in the world for free in the museums. The walks, oh God, the walks. Nothing for me beats getting lost in London. Turning the corner into what seems like another world. The only thing that excludes me is money, but I don't feel that as harshly as when I return home.

Rae Leaver, Returning to London

Painting: William Lionel Wyllie, Houses of Parliament (1901)


  1. Perfect post for me to wake up to. I'm gearing up for a trip to London in a couple of months and can't wait to get back there. It's been a long time since I last saw it.

  2. Gary, I have never been to London but have always wanted to visit. New York City is a magical place to me. I was fortunate to live, work and play there for about 5 years and I'll never forget those times. -- Harmony

  3. @LGSmith I'm glad the post touched a chord with you. Visiting a new place can be exciting, but going back to a place you know is different. It can evoke images and awake special memories. I hope you have a great trip.

    @Harmony, I've been to London as a tourist a couple of times and grew up in the suburbs of New York City. Each city has an atmosphere all its own. The bigger and more well-known the city, the more likely you'll hear a myth and lore about its very essence. I can certainly relate to the magic that Rae tries to evoke.

  4. I know what you mean. London is my favorite place, and though it's been a few years I hope to get back soon.

  5. I hope you get your chance to experience some of the magic, Ashley. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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