30 September 2011

Write a Review and Win a Book

There are all sorts of contests for freebies. If you do this or that you have a chance to win, just like a lottery. Well, this is a contest too, but it's different. Here, you can't lose. If you participate, you win. To enter, simply review one of my books and post the review on Amazon.

I'm sure you've seen offers that limit your choice to an item of equal or lesser value. Well, it's not the case here. You review the 99 cent book and the 4.99 book is yours for free.

There are five books to choose from. Each book contains color reproductions of paintings. They're all in Kindle format and are designed for color ereaders. A computer with Kindle software will also work. If you need a book to get started, just let me know. This is my amazon author page.

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